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JOHOR PALATE: Tanjung Puteri Recipes

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The amazing diversity of Johorean cuisine is captured in all its glory in this superb collection of authentic, traditional, tried-and-tested recipes. Tempting breakfast treats, sumptuous dishes for everyday meals and special occasions, spicy sauces and pickles and soothing desserts and cakes are just some of the culinary pleasures awaiting you in Johor Palate: Tanjung Puteri Recipes.  

The authors, who come from a line of exceptionally talented cooks, not only assembled what they call their tok nenek moyang (ancentor) recipes from those passed down by four generations of their family, they also travelled the length and breadth of the State of Johor seeking a special group of cooks, descendants of the Johor aristocrats from the late 1850s, to share their recollections and verify the recipes.

The unique flavors and textures and the sheer diversity of Johor's cuisine are presented in 240 easy-to-follow recipes that provide information about how the dishes are prepared, varies and served.  

Suggested menus are also given as well as cooking tips and a bilingual glossary of ingredients. Carefully selected historical photographs of Johor subjects set the scene for the recipes that follow, each taste carefully illustrated with a full-color photograph.

Johor Palate Tanjung Puteri Recipes is essential kitchen equipment for anyone interested in the culinary delights of a state whose cuisine was influenced by the Javanese, Bugis, Arabs, British, Chinese and Indians who settled there as well as the cooks brought in from foreign lands to serve the kitchens of the Malay elite. 

Click here to watch some of recipes demo from Johor Palate: Tanjung Puteri Recipes.

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