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SHEFU 24cm Ceramic Marble Triple Coating Casserole with Tempered Glass Lid

Ceramic Marble Non Stick is Eco Non Stick coating with no PFOA contained.  It is safe to use.

Ceramic marble non stock coating has great heat conduction that provides fast and even heating that allow faster cooking.

Prevent food from getting scorched and sticking during the long hours of cooking. It is durable and easy to clean.

Ergonomic handle is designed for pressure cooling and a comfortable grip.

Induction Based is compatible with induction cooker and all type of hob.


Material: Aluminum

Size: 24cm

Weight: 1.5kg

Glass Lid: Tempered glass lid

Bottom: Induction bottom (can use for all hob)

Handle & Knob - Original Bakelite handle

Inner Coating: Ceramic Marble Coating

Total 3 Layers: 3 layers water based Ceramic Marble Non stick Coating

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